Greetings from our Pastor

On behalf of Redeemed Church of Christ, we bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for the abundance of GOD’s grace, mercy, and favor He has shown towards us. We stand in great expectation of the continuous outpouring of GOD’s blessings on this ministry.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the glory of GOD at Redeemed Church of Christ. Come and learn more about the GOD who saves lives, who is able to deliver from any situation, and who transforms minds. Come and engage in our worship services which are filled with high praise, singing, dancing, and rejoicing.

At Redeemed Church of Christ our mission is to expose our families, friends, peers, and communities to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the gospel is shared through the various ministries GOD has given us stewardship of, we invite you to be a part of the fulfillment of all which we have envisioned. We envision both personal and corporate, spiritual as well as natural growth and development for all which are exposed to the ministry of Redeemed Church of Christ.

Thank you for your interest in Redeemed Church of Christ. We look forward to seeing you real soon. It is our good pleasure to serve you through this ministry.

Wishing you many blessings,
Pastor Joshua Bullock


The Redeemed Church of Christ exists to provide a platform whereby many souls may be exposed to GOD’s plan of salvation and to equip all to become effective spiritual leaders by promoting studying, teaching, and practical application of the WORD of GOD.


The Redeemed Church of Christ will be a church that effectively promotes the exploration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of provoking growth, development, and possession of the spirit of Christ within all people. We envision a spirit filled church that will assist in the transformation of lives by effectively preparing them to live a purpose driven life which represents and glorifies GOD with all that GOD has entrusted unto them.

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